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"My kids Brains were tested and both brains came to the same level after joining MMA! How rare is that? Parents of 2 Kids."

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About abacus it really did help bashar; not only with his math skills but only with his confidence level which improved his school performance and behaviors
Parent: Safa Jibrin
First of all thanks Alpa for starting and making ABACUS teaching available to our kids through after school program. I did lots of research about this method of learning Math and was looking for program like this in Collierville/Memphis area. My son Yash is in KG at Crosswind Elementary school. When I felt few months back that he was ready to start learning ABACUS, I reached out to Alpa, she evaluated and started Yash at proper level. This is a very important thing about Alpa that she pays attention to individual student needs and progress. Based on our experience so far, I would say to all KG parents that Math learning using Abacus is a very good method, and sooner the better - KG is the right age for your kid to start learning it
Parent: Meena Vyavhare
I am Pallavi Tayade Neelai's Mom.Neelai is in kindergarten at Crosswind. He started Abacus in October at the after school program. In the two months that he has been going I have noticed improvement in his single digit calculations and the speed in which he does it. Now he has started calculations in 10s .He looks forward to Tuesdays so he can learn something new in the Abacus class.Math has become fun thing for him and he is ever ready to do it. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work and effort taken by Alpa for each and every student. Just thought that I should share my experience about this wonderful method which makes learning math a fun thing for kids with all the parents who might be thinking of getting their kids into the program.
Parent: Pallavi Tayade
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Check your calculator speed and accuracy with our kids performing Fingering Techniques, Abacus, and Mental Calculations. Also, notice that they are doing all these calculations with ease! Some of the kids are trained in less than 2 months! Can you imagine their speed will be when they are fully trained???