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"My kids Brains were tested and both brains came to the same level after joining MMA! How rare is that? Parents of 2 Kids."

Enhance your child’s
Imagination and
Memory skills by

Advancing their
Arithmetic skills

Lots of Math games, Hands-on Math fun with our thinking blocks, Jumbo dice n charts!
Singapore Math®
General Math curriculum in Singapore School’s is ranked #1 in the world.
Grade levels Kids rising to KG and up can join this course. An assessment test will be taken to see what grade child should be enrolled in.
Program Structure
  • This is a grade wise math curriculum.
  • Kids of KG and 1st grade start with the their grade level books of Singapore Math®
  • Kids of 2nd grade and up take an assessment test to see their math level based on Singapore Math®
  • A special “Challenging word problem book” is introduced along with the grade wise math according to their math level in which child learns model approach to make word problems more visual and get number sentence easily.
  • After finishing any book, there are reviews done and then a test to see how much child understood the course work taught and then decide whether to give a new book or revise few topics if needed.
  • The classes are once a week- 1 hour / session.
Benefits of the program
  • Develop problem solving and the correct thinking skills. Kids will be aware of and develop a set of good habits of mind, and develop level of critical analysis.
Model Method, the Heuristic Approach helps develop problem solving skills. This is a simple way of solving complex word problems.

Here is a brief explanation of what is Heuristic Approach.

Heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. Human chess players use a heuristic approach. If you try to solve a problem but you do not have the formula for it, you will have to use a heuristic approach to find the answer. It will help develop a level of critical analysis, learning how to improve your thinking skills however, isn’t just about solving problems, as thinking skills can be useful in many aspects of life.

This can be an excellent opportunity to help your child develop problem solving and the critical thinking skills.
Highlights of the Course Work
  • It is a hands-on math. We use lots of manipulative and make math fun and easy
  • Grade wise math course, covers all the topics of math
  • Child learns but not limited to money, weight, length, graphs, pre-algebra, algebra, word problems according to their grade level.
Check your calculator speed and accuracy with our kids performing Fingering Techniques, Abacus, and Mental Calculations. Also, notice that they are doing all these calculations with ease! Some of the kids are trained in less than 2 months! Can you imagine their speed will be when they are fully trained???