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"My kids Brains were tested and both brains came to the same level after joining MMA! How rare is that? Parents of 2 Kids."

Enhance your child’s
Imagination and
Memory skills by

Advancing their
Arithmetic skills

Lots of Math games, Hands-on Math fun with our thinking blocks, Jumbo dice n charts!
Mental Math using Abacus
General This course is designed for 4.5 yrs to 13yrs old kids. This is a prime age to develop mental arithmetic skills. First step towards, whole brain development. Check out parents guide.
Prerequisite 4.5 / 5 yr old needs to be able to recognize and write 0-9 before joining this course.
Program Structure
  • This course work is divided into different levels. All the levels are designed for approx. 3 to 4 months
  • After every level student's assessment will be done to make sure he/she is good to advance to next level.
  • The total duration of the course work is 30 months (2.5 yrs). Depending upon the performances of the kids, it can take little longer or shorter.
  • The classes are once a week- 60 minutes / session.
Benefits of the program This is a whole brain development program. Do you know 80% of world’s people uses left side of the brain more and hence right side remains underutilized and under developed. The right brain has a “high-speed, more memory, imagination”. Our uniquely designed course work will train child’s left and right brain at the same time. When both brains are communicating and co-operating with each other, it facilitates WHOLE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. This will result in improved speed, accuracy, memory, creativity, imagination, and concentration, focus and aids confidence thus resulting in better overall performance. It will create a strong foundation for academic achievement / success.
  • Whole Brain Development Program
  • Our kids visualize abacus tool in mind (use the right brain for imagination) while performing math (use left brainfor logical/reasoning). In order to boost overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and the left brain must be trained at the same time. Creativity will be at its greatest only when both brains are communicating and cooperating with each other.
  • Increase concentration, memory power, imagination at an early age.
  • Develop great listening skills.
  • Boost child’s confidence when it comes to math at an early age.
  • Liking for math improves dramatically. Math becomes fun for kids. Creating a very strong foundation for mathematics.
  • Math becomes drawing! Kids love to do math!
  • Due to above all skills improvements, it provides sense of achievement and that helps in child’s overall academic performance at the later stage. Child can comprehend any subject better. – check out parents testimonials and videos of our 4.5 / 5 yrs old kids performing big numbers with so much ease and having lots of fun with Math.
Highlights of the Course Work
  • Fingering method using Abacus technique (Kids PreK- KG) Knowing the numbers viz., Reading, writing, counting up /down, comparisons, word problems, even-odd numbers, chart number, data-graph ( making picture graphs, bar graphs, tally graphs), van diagrams, probabilities, inequalities with additions and subtractions, strong understanding of place values etc for 0 to 99 numbers.
  • Finger Method for calculating addition and subtraction upto 99
    (After passing the test of the Fingering method, kids go on the Abacus. Kids of 1stgrdeand up do not need to do Fingering method, we introduce Abacus to them in the first class)
  • Introduction of Abacus and calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 99
  • Calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 1000
  • Mental arithmetic (without using Abacus) for addition and subtraction
  • Calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 10000
  • Calculating on Abacus for "Decimals and Negatives"
  • Multiplication on Abacus upto 3 digit numbers
  • Division on Abacus upto 3 digit numbers
  • Mental Calculation for addition and subtraction upto 10000
  • Mental Calculation for Decimals and Negatives
  • Mental Calculation for multiplication upto 3 digits
  • Mental Calculation of division upto 3 digits
Check your calculator speed and accuracy with our kids performing Fingering Techniques, Abacus, and Mental Calculations. Also, notice that they are doing all these calculations with ease! Some of the kids are trained in less than 2 months! Can you imagine their speed will be when they are fully trained???