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"My kids Brains were tested and both brains came to the same level after joining MMA! How rare is that? Parents of 2 Kids."

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Algebra 1 Course work
Who can attend?
  • Kids of 7th and 8th grade who has completed Pre-Algebra course in previous year in their school or with MMA
  • An assessment test will be taken for all the kids to make sure child is eligible to attend MMA’s Algebra 1 course
Program Structure
  • This is a yearlong program
  • Child must bring a note book, sharpened pencils, ruler, protectors, set squares, compass.
  • Home work will be assigned on the topic taught in the class. It is a must to return the home work in next class.
Benefits of the program
  • MMA’s material is designed after lot of research from top math writer’s material around the world. Lot of rigorous research and thinking process had been done to put this material together. This is a high quality, higher level Algebra 1 course designed just for our MMA kids to get the best benefits and put them ahead in the class
  • Complex Topics of Algebra-II is including in Algebra 1 course work to build solid foundation for higher level math
  • MMA believes in rigorous teaching which means child understands all concepts thoroughly
  • Challenging word problems are designed to develop problem solving and the critical thinking skills
  • Limited kids to give more personal attention to every child
Highlights of Algebra 1 Course Work
  • Quick review of Advanced Pre-Algebra topics
  • Proportions (Map Scale, Calculation of Ares, Direct Proportion , Inverse Proportion)
  • Factoring (Factorization by Extracting Common Factors, Factorization by Grouping Terms)
  • Statistics & Probabilities (Set Notation includes Equal Sets, Subsets, Universal Set and Empty Set, Complement of a Set; Sample Space, Basic Properties of Probabilities)
  • Probability of Combined Events (Possibility Diagram, Tree Diagram, Mutual Exclusive Events, Independent Events)
  • Exponents and Scientific Notation (Law of Exponents, Zero, Negative Integer Exponents, Fractional Exponents, nth root of a Positive Number, Comparing Exponents, Representation of Very Small or Very Large Numbers, Computation, Rounding, Estimation and Irrational Numbers)
  • Solving two variable equations (solving Simultaneous Linear Equation in Two Variables using Graphical Method, Substitution Method, Elimination Method, Solving Problems using Simultaneous Equations)
  • Expansion and Factorization of Algebraic Expression (Product of Single Terms, Product of Two Expressions, Special Product of Algebraic Expressions, Factorization by suing Special Products of Algebraic Expressions
  • Algebraic Fractions (Simplifying, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions, Solving Fractional Equations, Changing the Subject of a Formula)
  • Solving Quadratic Equations and Factorization (Problem solving Involving Quadratic Equations, Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorization, Completing the Square Method, Quadratic Formula, Graphical Method, Application of Quadratic Equations )
  • Congruence and Similarity (Congruent Figures, Reflections, Translations, rotations and Combining Transformations, Similarity, Scale Factors and Enlargements)
  • Parallel Lines and Angles in Triangles and Polygons (Angles Properties, Parallel Lines and Transversals, Angle Sum of Triangle, Exterior Angle of a Triangle, Special Quadrilaterals, Polygons)
  • Graphs of Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • Graphs in Practical Situations (Tables, Charts, Distance-Time Graphs)
  • Measuring of Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones and Spheres (Nets and Surface Areas of Pyramids, Volume of Pyramids, Volume and Surface Area of Cylinder, Cone and Sphere)
  • Data Analysis (Organizing Data in Frequency Tables, Bar Graphs, Histograms, Line Graphs and Scatter Plots)
Check your calculator speed and accuracy with our kids performing Fingering Techniques, Abacus, and Mental Calculations. Also, notice that they are doing all these calculations with ease! Some of the kids are trained in less than 2 months! Can you imagine their speed will be when they are fully trained???