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Advanced Pre-Algebra Course work
Objective A higher level Pre-Algebra course covers the 7th grade math and few topics of 8th grade math. Once students successfully complete MMA’s Advanced Pre-Algebra course, s/he will develop strong foundation skills taught in an Advanced Pre-Algebra course that is necessary for success in an Algebra 1 course.
Who can attend?
  • Kids of 7th and 8th grade can attend this course. Kids of 6th grade whose math level is high and want to attend this course, needs to have a strong understanding of Fractions, decimals, area, perimeter
  • An assessment test will be taken if needed to make sure child is eligible to attend MMA’s Advanced Pre-Algebra course
Program Structure
  • This is a yearlong program
  • Home work will be assigned on the topic taught in the class. It is a must to return the home work in next class
Benefits of the program
  • Lot of rigorous research and thinking process had been done to design Advanced Pre-Algebra course work. This is a high quality, higher level Pre-Algebra course designed just for our MMA kids to get the best benefits and put them ahead in the class
  • Complex Topics of Algebra-I is included in Advanced Pre-Algebra course work to build solid foundation for higher level math
  • MMA believes in rigorous teaching which means child understands all concepts thoroughly
  • Challenging word problems are designed to develop problem solving and the critical thinking skills
  • Limited kids to give more personal attention to every child
Highlights of Advanced Pre-Algebra Course Work
  • Real Numbers (Negative Numbers, Absolute Value, Integers, Additive Inverse, Combined Operations, Rational Numbers, Rounding Numbers to Decimal Places, etc.)
  • Factors and Multiples (Prime Factorization, Exponential Notation, GCF, LCM, Square Roots, Cube Roots, etc.)
  • Introduction to Algebra (The Use of Letters, Basic Notations, Exponential Notations, Evaluation of Algebraic Expression and Formulas, Writing Algebraic Expressions to Represent Real-world Situations)
  • Algebraic Manipulation (Like Terms and Unlike Terms, Distributive Law, Operations of Linear Algebraic Expressions)
  • Factorization by Extracting Common Factors, and by Grouping Terms
  • Simple/Linear Equation in One Variable (Involving Parentheses, Fractional Equations, Forming Linear Equations to Solve Problems)
  • Number Patterns (Number Patterns and Sequences, Application of the same)
  • Scientific Notation and Exponents
  • Ratio, Rates , and Speed (Ratio of Rational Numbers, Simplification of Ratios, Ratio of Three Quantities, Average Rate, Uniform Speed, Average Speed, Conversion of Units)
  • Percentage (Expressing One Quantity as a Percentage of Another, Reverse Percentages, Discount and Sales Tax)
  • Proportions (Scale Drawings, Map Scale, Calculation of Area, Direct and Inverse Proportion)
  • Inequalities (Solving Simple Inequalities, Simple Linear Inequalities, Application of Simple Inequalities)
  • Data Handling (Dot Plots, Mean, Variation from the Mean, Median, Mode Comparison)
  • Angles, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals (Points, Lines and Planes, Types of Angles, Complementary, Supplementary and Adjacent Angles, Properties of Angles, Use of Compasses, Perpendicular Bisectors, Angle Bisectors, Classification and Construction of Triangles, Types of Quadrilaterals, Properties of Special Quadrilaterals and Construction of Quadrilaterals)
  • Coordinates and Linear Graphs (Cartesian Coordinate system, Linear Graphs, Slopes of Linear Graphs, Positive Slopes, Negative Slopes, Special Cases
  • Perimeters and Areas of Plane Figures (Square, Rectangle, and Triangle, Circumference and Area of circle, Area of Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Composite Plane Figures)
  • Volumes and Surface Areas of Solids (Volume and Total Surface Areas of Cube and Cuboid, Nets of Cube, Cuboid and Other Prisms, Composite Solids)
  • Challenging word problems
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